Effective Communication for Effective Teaching

Effective Communication for Effective Teaching

Effective communication for effective teaching is an important aspect of any teaching learning process. Today’s competitive world demands from teachers to teach better, smarter, and effective. The course contents worth nothing if not communicated effectively. To get it across the students a teacher has to be very effective in his communication and presentation skills. An effective communication is always stimulating, inspiring, motivating and adds fuel to the fire if presenter possesses that igniting spark. Unfortunately, many teachers do not realize this aspect. Effective communication is very important for effective teaching. Dr. M. A. Pasha has delivered a workshop on "Effective Communication for Effective Teaching" at Directorate of Staff Development (Lahore) to the newly employed school teachers. This workshop covers various aspects which can help teacher to make their communication stimulating, inspiring, and motivating. The workshop covers following topics
• What is Communication and Why Is It Important?
• What is Persuasion?
• The Rhetorical Approach to Instructional Communication
• Role of Teachers' Credibility, Clarity, Humor, Immediacy
• Factors Facilitate Openness and Acceptance
• Helpful Hints for Effective Communication
• Factors Encouraging Student Responses
• Roadblocks to Communication
• Responses Tend to Communicate Inadequacies and Faults
• Messages Try to Make the Student Feel Better or Deny there is a Problem
• Response Tends to Try to Solve the Problem for the Student
• Messages Tend to Divert the Student or Avoid the Student Altogether
• Active Listening and Factors of Affecting Listening
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Methods of Teaching Computer Programming

Methods of Teaching Computer Programming

Computer programming is the heart of computing education. It is a fundamental skill that all computing students are required to learn. However, programming courses are generally considered among the most difficult courses and often have the highest dropout rates. The main concern of computing faculty is to improve students’ motivation in getting involved in meaningful programming activities. This requires special skills to teach programming. A teacher training workshop was arranged at Directorate of Staff Development, Lahore for newly inducted Computer Science teachers. The workshop covers various methods of teaching computer programming proposed in literature . Some useful guidelines have also been suggested. View the slides of this workshop.

Wordpress A Tool for Online Earning

Wordpress A Tool for Online Earning

Wordpress is a free and open source content management system. It is the most popular software among the international blogger community. It is robust and flexible software for developing an effective website for business or personal use. It has thousands of plugins and themes (both free and paid). This workshop explained how to install and configure Wamp and Wordpress for setting up a website. Basic building blocks like HTML, CSS, and php are also explained.
A Free Workshop Delivered at Pasha Institute of Emerging Disciplines
Delivered by: By Prof. Dr. M. A. Pasha (Chairman Pasha Trust)

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Methods of Teaching Computer Science in Schools

Methods of Teaching Computer Science in Schools

A Workshop Delivered at directorate of Staff Training by Prof. Dr. M. Anwar-ur-Rehman Pasha,
Chairman, Department of CS & IT, University of Sargodha.

Covered Topics

  • Computing as a Discipline
  • Computing Disciplines: A Historical Perspective
  • Five Reasons Why Computer Science Learning is Critical for Students
  • Pedagogical Guide Lines for CS Teachers
  • Knowledge & Pedagogical Skills Expected from a Computer Science Teacher
  • Computational Thinking
  • Computational Thinking Dispositions


Employment Trends of Computing Industry: Guidelines for Computing Students

Along the road of life, you make many decisions. The decisions you have made will range from the trivial to crucial. For students willing to join Computing Education, it is important what they decide now will determine the kind of person they become later. So it's not best, however, to base your career decision on today's environment as you will enter the workforce after a couple of years from now, for example, after completing your degree program. So where is the future of the labor market headed?

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Bloom's Taxonomy for Standardizing BPM Education of IT Under-Graduates Students

A recent research publication of Dr. M. A. Pasha & Dr. Shaheen Pasha

Bloom's Taxonomy for Standardizing BPM Education of IT Under-Graduates Students

published in “International Journal of Computer Applications” 78(6):6-13, September 2013. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA

Getting Ready for Inclusive Education Concepts and Barriers

Getting Ready for Inclusive Education Concepts & Barriers

On Tuesday, August 27, 2013 Dr. Shaheen Pasha delivered a workshop on “Getting Ready for Inclusive Education Concepts & Barriers” at Directorate of special education, teacher training college. During this workshop, she covered following topics

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Microsoft Certified Solution Expert 2012

Microsoft Certified Solution Expert 2012 Training Course

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Detailed Course Outlines:

Microsoft Windows 2012 Server
 Introduction to Windows 2012
 Server Capabilities & Roles
 Server Management
 IPv4 Overview
 IPv6 Overview
 Computer Management
 Power Shell
 Roles Management
 Features Management
Hyper V Virtualization
 Introduction to Virtualization
 Microsoft HyperV

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